Thursday, January 3, 2013

Super Review: Etude House Magic Enzyme Peeling Pack

Etude House is a super famous Korean brand I've always wanted to try so when I went to Seoul, I had to pick something up. I chose an enzyme mask, which is an exfoliant. It exfoliates chemically instead of using rough particles like those found in scrubs. This kind of chemical exfoliating shouldn't be done every day but is good for maybe weekly use. I chose the Magic Enzyme Peeling Pack! Review Start-o!

What is this Witchcraft?
The product comes in a glass bottle with a twist-off plastic cap. The product itself is a thin, white, milky liquid which has a very pleasant, light, (I want to say yogurt-y?) scent. After your normal cleansing routine, apply a layer to your dry face. Once the product is dry, you simply remove it by rubbing your face with your fingers. The product comes off in what looks like eraser bits.

The Good
This product smells really nice. It's also fairly simple to apply and the bottle allows only for a few drops at a time to come out so even though the product is thin, you can put it on without a mess. Once it's time to remove the product, the rubbing motion required pretty much forces you into massaging your face which increases circulation. It leaves your skin feeling immediately smoother and bright. And finally, this little 115ml bottle will last you FOREVER. You can hand it down to your children, and they to theirs, and on and on and on... ... ...for, indeed, the freakiest of family heirlooms.

The Bad
Oh wait, somewhere back there did I say "simply remove the product"? I meant vigorously and with a wrath like that of a thousand suns...for real. And do not put this product anywhere near your hairline or eyebrows. If you try to rub it off from there, there will be pain. This was a very unpleasant surprise when I first used this product. It took a couple minutes to rub the product off and then an additional few minutes just trying to wash little pieces out of my hair.

The Review (4/10)
This product is, I'm sure, good for your skin. But, the fact that it's so hard to remove really cuts down on its value. Whenever I open the cabinet to see which skincare product I want to use, I make eyes with this one and feel like it's taunting me. I do still use it on occasion, though. I found that applying the product in a fairly thick layer and avoiding any hair at all costs helps a lot but it still just seems like more trouble than it's worth.

Anyway, my skin looks great! And to think it only took ten minutes of strategic face clawing...


Monday, December 24, 2012

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku!

Last month, I went to the new and perhaps most bizarre restaurant in Shinjuku's Kabukicho district: Robot Restaurant. Girls dance, they smile! You eat a bento! They battle robots! You feel confused! You're in a robot!
Things happen fast.

Okay, it may be strange, but this place is pretty freaking cool. Everything in here is decorated with psychedelic lights and glass and if you can handle some wall mounts that remind you of when Ed Hardy shirts were cool (oh wait--right, hahaha) then it's very much worth the trip.
Of course the best part of this place is the entertainment. A group of about eighteen women dance, play drums, ride motorcycles, play with giant robots, ride tanks, with a ton of costume changes throughout.

Highly recommend. At least once! If you do go, expect to pay Y4,000 which gets you the show, a small bento, and green tea. Don't expect a full bar. They offer canned beer and Chu-Hi and that's it. Do expect to have an awesome time! And there isn't a creepy vibe at all, it's really light-hearted and when I went, about a third of the audience were women. However, there is a girl's bar upstairs which is part of Robot is men only.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hanging Around Ebisu

Just a normal lunch with Adrienne when...You ever have one of those ideas that just makes you stop and just say...why aren't we doing what's in my brain?!?!?!

And just what was I thinking?

...Adrienne, me. you. air shots...
So, we worked our way from jumping to straight up floating and here are just a few of the results:

We started by just doing some test shots by Glass Square:
Adrienne builds momentum quick:
Except for looking TOTALLY CREEPY, this shot is alright. I mean, my levitation has pretty darn good height, if I do say so myself:
One final race around Ebisu Garden Place. (As you can see, I'm totally winning)
And that was this week's photo project! If you're hungry for more skilled levitation, check out Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary. Adrienne and I did get some good floating in, but we are far from being pros...for now. Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thursday Photos: Winter is Coming!

It's starting to get cold on the Kanto Plain! Not a fan...but I am growing to love winter fashion! Blog posts to come: Free Pussy Riot event and I'm working on a new photo project (and dragging in some friends) hopefully getting done by next week. I'm super excited about that! Okay, Thursday Photos:
Are these furry scarves popular anywhere else? I think I may be the only person in the world who wears them but I'm a little obsessed...and with furry ear muffs...and, well, anything furry...except furries *eyebrow raise*...or am I?...(=^・ω・^)y=, I'm not...(♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡...but that's cute.

Also, last week I was my own hundredth follower! LOL. Woohoo! Thank you to all of my readers.

And, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the Followers to Friends blog hop this week! If you haven't linked up, there is still time before it closes!

Winter ready!  ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
Dress: Forever21
Blazer: H&M
Furry Scarf: The Gap
Ear Muffs: I don't remember but furry earmuffs are awesome. Get some. It feels like rabbits are giving your ears a hug...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Perverts, Perverts Everywhere

Travis has been gone for one month now. I've been experiencing a sense of hollowness...which I've been filling with food. Yummy.

Anyway, I'm writing this post because last night I had a very unusual experience. I was flashed. Yeah...for real...full on...dick. Japan has many stereotypes. Super cute and crazy fashion, anime, technology, rich traditions, beautiful temples...and perverts. Many of these are untrue. The crazy gyaru and lolita fashion that's considered to be so popular is actually quite isolated; being mostly for the youth in Shibuya and Harajuku. Most Japanese people out of college actually find this fashion strange and unattractive. Anime and manga are popular but if you're really into it, you're considered an antisocial otaku, which has very negative connotations. As for technology, Japan is very advanced but for practical purposes, a bit of a challenge with no free wi-fi anywhere. Rich traditions? Yes. Beautiful temples? Yes. Perverts? Yes.

So, this guy asks me for directions. Friendly enough, and I love giving directions. I'm terrible at it, but I love doing it. When I've been lost in Japan people always take me all the way to my destination. I've done the same thing for lost foreigners. I definitely was not going to go anywhere with this guy at night and with no one around, but I would at least pull my map up to see if I could send him in the right direction. I'm looking at my map. He turns away and says with a gravelly voice in Japanese, "You're not Japanese, huh..." I'm still on my phone and then I look up. Dick. There's a split second of thought processing. Tracey, what do you do in this situation? I consider my options. Looking at his face I wonder which would be more appropriate a slap or a punch? Perhaps a good old fashioned kick in the balls would suffice. My second of thinking is over. I put on a sarcastic smile. I let out a small chuckle and roll my eyes. "Uh, really, Dude?...No, no, no." I wave my hand like he just told a bad joke and walk away. (Yes, I said "Dude" I'm so uncool!!!! Thank goodness he probably didn't know what it means! ...*sigh* Funny on so many levels...)

And that's really just how I felt. I didn't need to do anything else. People like that desire a reaction. They receive a sense of control and excitement from doing something so unexpected, so outside of normalcy that a strong reaction is forced from the other person. So, if something like that happens to you, don't give them that big reaction of shock and disgust that they're looking for. Just blow it...Wait, no, no, I mean just blow it off. Just blow it off. Sorry my jokes are so terrible!

I was annoyed and really grossed out for a while but it actually didn't bother me so much. There was only one thing that really irritated me. I mean, I always feel safe in Japan. I feel like I can easily handle any situation. The one thought that bothers me is this: I could not have outrun him. He was very tall, young, and fit. If I'd chosen to punch him or kick him, I couldn't have overpowered him or outrun him if he chose to give chase.

So, I'm on the market for some kind of cool weapon or pervert deterrent. I hear knives (the stabby kind) over 3" are illegal in Japan so, no knives. Also, my friend's actually stabbed people before. She told me it's harder than you'd think...God, I love her. Anyway...

Do you have any ideas? Maybe a pair of underwear with a dildo attached to it so if I'm flashed again I can return the favor? Please comment below.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

(Sponsored) Super Review: Prodigurls Prada Pink Circle Lens

My lovely sponsor at Apple of Your Eyes sent me these lenses to review! Ally is a university student and runs this company. Amazing, huh? She has great prices, a great selection (with TONS of reviews) and ships worldwide (and includes cute cases!) Get great service and support a young entrepreneur o(^o^)o (And you can use my discount code TC26 to get 5% off) d(^-^)o

Okay, so I've been wanting pink lenses for a while because they've been a huge fad and manufacturers are still producing new lens series in this color. So, I finally decided I'd get in on this trend (a lil later but whatevs). This review is for the Prodigurls Ms. Prada in Pink. Review Start-o!

Diameter: 16 mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6
Type: One Year

Enlargement 10/10
BIG! Claiming to be 16mm, these lenses appear ginormous! Because of their size, they create a translucent gray outer ring; a vivid and quite visible halo effect.

Color/Design 6/10
Really depends on what you're looking for here. The design isn't bold or brilliant. If you're looking for a shocking pink color or design these are not the lenses for you. But I really, really like the subtle look of these lenses. You can see the design in person and the pink stripes are really cute! I gave the color/design a 6/10 only because the manufacturer's ad is quite misleading.
<--- Definitely not that vibrant.

Natural Lighting
Indoor Lighting

Comfort 7/10
For such big lenses, they're actually quite comfortable. I don't feel them at all but they do get dry for me after four or five hours. This isn't much of a problem though. Just carry your case with you or use eyedrops!

Overall 9/10
These lenses are kind of my new favorite. They can be a little dry but that's the only issue. They're subtle enough to wear almost anytime but those pink stripes give them just enough detail to make them really special!
Review End-o!